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One of the coolest things about my new job here at KickApps is that I get to play with the KickApps widget studio. Check out the modeling widget I made for myself with the feed from my flickr modeling set.

When I add new pictures to my portfolio, the photo slideshow will update as well with my latest images in a pretty sweet looking widget. You can customize any part of the widget as well. Change the shape color, look and feel.

Make your own at http://www.kickapps.com and if you really want it, click the upper left hand corner to post the Leora Israel modeling widget on your blog, facebook, etc.

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Widget coming soon…Click here to see it for now.

Last week after SummerMashNYC a group of awesome geeks headed over to Tavern on the Green for some cake, dancing and drinking.  Did I mention it was my 25th birthday? Thanks to everyone who came out despite the rain and KickApps for sponsoring the delicious red velvet cake from Magnolia bakery.  Also special thanks to my friend Jim for securing our VIP area at Tavern.

I have to say it was a fantastic way to spend my first birthday in NYC.  Thanks to Nick, Pete, Marc, Mark, Justin and the other out of towners for coming to spend my bday with me.  I love you guys!

The photo player above was made using the KickApps widget studio.  Gotta love widgets!

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janelle Rominski leora zellman kristen nicole blagica Stefanovski

Last night I went to an event my friend Blagica put on called the Diva series. Had a great time meeting new people and listening to “The fireman and the Shrink” talk about sex and dating. I also finally met Kristen Nicole of Mashable and she rocks just like everyone said. 🙂

Free drinks, fun ladies AND they had the coolest shwag!

Check out this video I made of me exploring my beauty assistant by Sephora.

Pictures I took at the event here.

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As many of you have read, all my camera equipment was stolen out of my suitcase last week while flying US Airways. The airline refuses to help me in any way. Given all of your comments it seems that my experience is the norm. Shame on US Airways!

I wish I had the means to just go out and buy a new camera, but alas, I have not had steady work in a while (still looking for a full time job for anyone out there hiring) and it’s going to take me quite some time to save up to buy a new DSLR.

One piece of great news though is that Nikon and MWW rock. They heard my sad story and decided to lend me a Nikon D80, lens and speedlight for 30 days. Hopefully in that time either US Airways will decide to compensate me, I’ll win the lottery (anyone know good numbers to play?), someone will offer me a great job, or my new company idea Geekertising will take off so I can afford a new one.

I have to say I really love the D80! I’m a bit concerned as jdw2000 warned in a comment that I might get hooked on this upgraded model and not want to go back to my sweet little D40x when I can afford a replacement.

Check out these pictures I took with the D80 of my bunnies playing outside yesterday:

Dutch Bunny Rabbit Shimi CarrotsBunny rabbits kissing

I also tried out Viddler for the first time yesterday and made this by stringing together pictures I took:

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Leora Zellman with her D40X before it was stolen from US Airways

Coming back from an amazing time in NYC for Internet Week, I was reminded why one should never check bags. I flew from New York to Chicago with a layover in Philadelphia all on US Airways. When I arrived at my final destination my bag was missing. I filed a complaint and was told it should arrive on the next plane and would be hand delivered to me that night. 24 hours later it finally arrived…well some of it did.

My bag had been picked through and the following items were stolen:

  • Nikon D40X DSLR Body
  • 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S DX
  • 55-200mm f/4-5.6 ED AF-S DX
  • Nikon camera remote
  • Nikon SB-600 Speedlight
  • lens polarizers
  • lens cleaning cloth
  • 2 Nikon camera batteries
  • Package of 12 lithium ion AA batteries
  • 2 GB SD card
  • 3-4GB SD cards
  • Nikon brand camera case
  • Silver Necklace
  • Silver chain attachment for Purse
  • Adobe mobile charger (from my Webby Awards goody bag)

I then remembered that Matt Mullenweg from WordPress also had camera equipment stolen on a recent flight. I re read this blog post and was shocked at the similarities.

  • US Airways
  • Philadelphia
  • Had Nikon Camera Equipment stolen
  • Bags were missing at first then showed up ransacked
  • Were both given the run around by the airline

According to US Airway’s policy they aren’t liable for the following items being damaged or misplaced while in their care:

  • silverware
  • negotiable papers/securities/documents
  • spirits
  • precious metals/stones
  • books/manuscripts/publications
  • optics
  • natural fur products
  • sound reproduction equipment & related items
  • keys
  • antiques/heirlooms/collectibles
  • photographic/cinematographic audio/video equipment & related items
  • blueprints
  • artistic items
  • computer hardware/software & related items
  • jewelry
  • lifesaving medication
  • business samples/equipment/documents & irreplaceable items

So what do they cover?

With the level of security in airports these days how can this go unnoticed? US Airways needs to clean up their act.

And I will never check bags again. Lesson learned.

Now for the 4 reasons Not to Fly US Airways:

  1. They do not care about their customers
  2. Their planes are old, stinky, and well, they just “plane” ole’ suck
  3. According to US Airways, the customer is NOT always right
  4. They are aware of problems at airports and plan on doing nothing about them



The amazing people over at MWW and Nikon heard about my sad story and are lending me a Nikon D80 for 30 days. Thank you guys!!!!

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Cupcake Apron from Carolyn\'s Kitchen

Carolyn from Carolyn’s Kitchen sent me an adorable Cupcake apron the other day with matching gloves.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!

I LOVE cupcakes and I love aprons.  Put them together and you’ve got one happy Leora.  🙂  Carolyn also recently came out with some other sexy new apron designs.  Check them out here on her site.

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Leora Zellman and Brian August at Mashable's Mashbash in NYC Leora Zellman and Baratunde Thurston at Mashable's MashBash in NYC Leora Zellman and Stephanie Frasco at NextWeb Event at Webster Hall

If you follow me on twitter or Utterz you’re probably wondering “Where in the world is Leora Sandiego“.  I’ve been traveling A LOT lately and I’m not even done yet.

Here’s a timeline of my travels so far this year:

February 1-8 I was in New York for Fashion Week.

March 7-11 I went to Austin Texas for the Interactive portion of SXSW.

March25-April 1 San Francisco

April 14-29 Vancouver

May 11-17 New York for NextWeb event and MashBash

AND if that wasn’t enough travel…I’m going to Seattle this weekend and then soon after hopefully heading to DC to see Leslie.  I’d also really like to go to Internet Week in New York (If someone wants to pay for my trip in exchange for me manning their booth or taking pictures let me know) and at some point heading to LA to visit my buddy Aaron.

As tiring as all the travel is, I REALLY love it.  I’ve met some amazing people this year that I would not have if it weren’t for my trips so bring it on!  If anyone has an event that needs a photographer, brand evangelist or even a booth babe, let me know!  If you take me on a trip somewhere fun I might not even charge you much more than just my plane ticket and accommodations.

Check out the pictures I took at MashBash and NextWeb’s event.  Both were at Webster Hall in NYC.

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