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Yesterday I booked my flight for Fashion Week and am getting really excited!   I leave Friday morning and am staying for the whole week.

Now I just need to figure out what to wear, finalize my invites to shows and set up a few more interviews.  It sounds like I’m going to be meeting some extremely cool people and even getting backstage access for some shows.  How sweet is that!  Oh yeah and I need to pack, get a manicure, haircut, eye brow sculpting…Being a girl is hard work!

Yesterday I went out and got a small case for my awesome Nikon Camera so I don’t have to lug around the big one.  It fits nicely in my huge Jessica Simson purse so I’ll have less stuff to carry.  I also got a separate lens case so I can bring both my lenses.  I went to the awesome Wolf Camera store in downtown Evanston which has friendly staff but is right underneath a dance studio apparently so there was a lot of banging.  I feel really bad for the people working there.  So noisy!  Anyway, they were really helpful and excited for me about Fashion Week.  They even gave me coupons to take their camera classes for free.  Thanks guys!  If anyone has advice for taking pictures of fashion shows ping me.

I think the week is going to be life changing.  hehe. Or at least that’s what I’ve been dreaming lately. I’m going to be using Utterz to blog from the shows all week so follow me on my wild ride there, here or on TopModelGossip.

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