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“I’m not stupid.  I know something devious went on here, but I think they were put up to it, and that’s what’s disturbing me more than anything.  But I’m not going to turn this place into a detective agency, and I can’t start training a new beauty editor and a new fashion editor overnight.”

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I was watching the Tyra show a while ago and she was talking about safe dating tips.  One thing she suggested was to Google or search for the person on myspace, facebook etc before a date to make sure they’re safe people.

That got me thinking.  Has dating changed AF (After Facebook)?

Just like with dating 7 years ago when I was last single are there rules about how long you should wait to add someone as a friend on facebook?  Are women waiting at home after first dates for him to add them or is it ok for them to make the first move?

And how about adding someone as a friend before a date.  Isn’t it weird if you already know that much about a person?  “So I saw you like book X and movie Y…you’re friends with so and so…and your hobbies are bla bla and bla.”  Isn’t that a bit stalkeresque?  Or have the rules changed?  Do people know these things about their dates but just pretend not to know?

I don’t know if I’d want to know all that about someone before a date.  Takes all the fun out of asking those questions and kind of thrusts you into third date conversation.

I also wonder if these rules apply to new friends.  Does it make you seem really lame if you add someone on FB right away after you meet them?  I’m weirded out when I see someone I don’t know that well but happen to be friends with on Facebook and they know everything I’ve been doing in my life.  Once this girl who’s more friends with my husband than me out of the blue brought up how much she loved my vacation pictures.  I didn’t remember she was my “friend” so I was really confused.  Then again I’m also weirded out when I find out people I know read my non personal blogs.  I always hope they realize that my JessandAshlee.com “voice” is not the real me. 😉

If it hasn’t already been done, someone really needs to write a rules book for dating in the age of Facebook.

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