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Shayna Zellman the bunny

My husband and I just brought home a new bunny from the Red Door Shelter for our bunny Shimon Carrots.  So far we haven’t adopted her because we want to make sure everything between them is going to work out, but they seem to be getting along great!

Her name at the shelter was Genevieve, but I think once we adopt her we’re going to change her name to Shayna because it sounds cuter with Shimi.  Check out these pictures of Shayna and Shimi:

Shimi and Shayna Zellman

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Leora Zellman

My name is Leora Zellman and I’m a professional blogger. I work as a Channel Editor and blogger for b5media as well as a freelance blogger and writer.

I have the best job in the world. I play games, watch TV and movies for a living.

Check out my B5 blogs and stay tuned!

Desperateblog– Here I write all about the ABC TV show Desperate Housewives and the actors and actresses on the show

Simsgamer– This blog is all about the game The Sims and The Sims 2.

Tomkatcrazy– This blog catalogues the lives of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes

Filmgecko– About movies and movie stars

Kapped– I take funny pictures and caption them to make them even funnier.

TopModelGossip- About Tyra Banks, and everything to do with America’s Next Top Model and other country’s iterations.

JessandAshlee– This blog follows the lives of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson.

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